Car Detailing Sheffield | Singel Stage Paint Correction

This is a process that will remove over 50% of paint oxidisation, swirles and scrastches depending on paint thickness/condition.

The first stage is removel of oxidisation to clean up the paint surface and to see what else needs to be done to correct the paint.

The second stage if required is refining the first using a mild abrasive polish and soft pad to bring the paint work to a high gloss finish. The paint work is then prepared for a sealant or quality wax to maintain the finish.

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Cost will depend upon car condition asnd requirements.

Please be aware the price quoted will be different for larger vehicles and the condition of the vehicle.


  • Pre-rinse

  • Decrease applied to tyres, rims

  • The Arches will be degreased scrubbed

  • Rinsed

  • Iron fall out applied 

  • Rinsed

  • Spokes are washed with soft mitt

  • Final rinse

  • Dried with quality microfiber towel

  • Tyres dressed

Car Details

  • A pre-rinse of the car body followed by pre-wash snow foam applied and rinsed,

  • A further snow foam will then be applied followed by a two-bucket wash and rinse.

  • Tar removed 

  • Full decontamination using liquid clay, and clay bar

  • Rinse

  • Final stage snow foam applied and a thoroughly rinsed to ensure squeaky clean surface.

  • The vehicle body will then be dried using a quality microfiber towel and a final blow dry to ensure all water is removed

  • Paint inspection and paint thickness read will be taken to ensure OK to go ahead with polishing process.

  • Paint Correction process.

  • Panel wipe & Paint Inspection

  • Paint Prep for a wax or sealant to be applied.

  • ​Any external plastic and metal trim will be dressed

  • ​The windows will then be cleaned and polished


Optional Extra

  • Wheel protection on the vehicle £50 off the vehicle £150

  • Swissvax Shield Wax with PTFE FROM £15

  • Swissvax Mirage Wax 3 months protection From £20

  • Gtechnic Liquid crystal Sealant, from £10

  • Sprayon Waxes from £10

  • Ceramics

    • Kamikaze Miyabi from £180

    • Kamikaze ISM from £165

    • Gtechnic Surum Light £120

    • CQUK FROM £65

  • Kamikaze Miyabi topped with ISM to give an outstanding first glass gloss and protection.  From £360

  • Gtechnic permanent trim restorer from £35

  • Kamikaze overcoat £45

  • Window repellent £50

  • Engine bay touch up From £30

  • Car Care Valet from £19.95 

  • Leather protected From £50

  • Gtechnic Upholstery and Carpet protection  from £50

  • Headlight polish and sealant from £50



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