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Kamikaze Product Range

The smallest fine molecular

Alkoxysiloxanes is non-solvent and VOC-Free that easy to apply and easy to remove from Japanese chemical technology.Durability for proper application is expected at 18-24 months and any coating primer using from fine molecular.

Not hard ...... Not thin ..... 180 ° degree different of theory og glass coating from Kamikaze-ism.

Hydrocarbon Flexible layer with Japanese latest technology with 24-36month protection.

Non-Solvent, VOC-Free, Hydorocarbon material.

Over Coat is designed to be applied over the durable base layer coating, as a sacrifical layer that reduce Water Spot and any paint damage.

OVER COAT is Water based and Easy using protection your car.

Utilizing 53.7% high grade Carnauba Wax, and 39.2% Japanese glass coating, INFINITY WAX combines the best of both worlds ... the amazing gloss of wax, with the durability of glass coating with 18-36 month protection

Ultimate clear view with latest fine Modified silicone


The Revotionaly glass window coarting for long durabirity and make clear view.

Coming soon

Kamikaze Artificial Clear Coat is a product like no other in the market.

This non-solvent and VOC-free formula acts as a durable primer for their Miyabi Coat and ISM Coat, and it provides chemical-based filling characteristics that work particularly well on soft and delicate paints

Gtechnic Products

Crystal Serum Light is the prosumer version of the  world famous Gtechniq Accredited Detailer Crystal Serum Ultra. It offers 80% of professional Serum Ultra’s performance, adding gloss, resisting swirls, contaminant and dirt repellency. 

  • Up to 2 years durability

  • Makes rims easy to maintain

  • Suitable for wheels, brake calipers and exhaust tips

  • 18-24 months durability

  • Easy to apply

  • Adds gloss, water and dirt repellency

  • Up to 6 months durability

  • Simple and fast application

  • Extreme repellency

Surfaces you can protect with CQuartz:

  • PaintWheels Chrome Metals

  • Headlights

  • Durability: 18-24 months

A carnauba wax enriched with PTFE designed for tough service on modern Cars

Swissvax Mirage Wax contains a high concentration of ultra pure carnauba wax  which leaves a brilliant streak-free shine. Once applied, it sets hard creating a durable protective layer lasting for 3 months

Motor Show Car Detailing

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