Motor Show Car Detailing

Royal Package

Picture of Kamikaze Miyabi & ISM Coating

Motor Show Car Detailing Sheffield, Rotherham are putting together special car care packages that include Car Detailing and the Professional Mobile Car Valeting Services that we currently provide into one unique package, please visit our Royal Car Valeting and Car Detailing page to see what on offer.

To maintain any guarantee on the Kamikazie Miyabi coating, maintenance washes are required every two months as part of the maintenance program, at the end of the car wash process we apply a sacrificial layer to your your Kamikaze Miyabi coating. when you take this package we will give you the first maintenance washes free, saving you £50.


Don't forget we are still offering a 10% discount on the prices for first time customers when you take to package. 


Motor Show Car Detailing

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