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Buying a new car is the second largest purchase your likely to make, and it should come perfect, but unfortunately, and disappointingly this is not the case, your new purchase comes with, swirl marks, bird lime, machine holograms, sanding marks, over spray, etc. Most dealerships offer a protection package with bold claims on longevity, and I know from first hand experience that these products don't last anywhere near what you are told. Preparing a car for new coatings takes 1 - 2 days not hours.

There are lots of good proven coatings now on the market what will give you the protection you need for up to 5 years, here at Motor Show Car Detailing we don't make bold claims, see our car care products for further information and choice of coatings/protections for the vehicle like the paint, glass, carpets and upholstery, plastics, and headlights.

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From £320 time 1-2 Days depending on vehicles size

Please be aware the price quoted will be different for larger vehicles and the condition of the vehicle.


  • Pre-rinse

  • Decrease applied and tyres, rims, & Arches cleaned

  • Rinsed

  • Iron fall out applied 

  • Rinsed

  • Spokes are washed with soft mitt

  • Final rinse

  • Dried with quality drying towel or Blown Dried

  • Tyres dressed

Car Details

  • A pre-rinse of the car body followed by pre-wash snow foam applied and rinsed,

  • A further snow foam will then be applied followed by a two-bucket wash and rinse.

  • Tar remover applied

  • Iron fallout will be applied

  • Full body decontamination will be undertaken with a clay bar

  • Rinse

  • Final stage snow foam applied and a thoroughly rinsed to ensure squeaky clean surface.

  • Dried with quality drying towel or Blown Dried

  • Blown dried to ensure all water removed from crevices

  • A single stage machine polishing to achieve a high gloss.

  • Panel Wipe & Paint Inspection

  • Paint then prepared

  • Gtechniq crystal serum light is applied to the paint work, headlights, rear lights, exhaust tips and any chrome or gloss painted trim. 

  • ​Any external plastic and metal trim will be dressed

  • ​The windows will then be cleaned and polished

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