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Car Detailing Sheffield | Minor Paint Correction | or Two Stage Correction


This is a two stage polishing process that will remove over 80% of paint defects, and is the most popular service.

The first stage is polishing with a medium cutting compound and pad that will remove light scratches, swirls, oxidisation, and hazy dull looking paint work.

The second stage is refining the first using a mild abrasive polish and soft pad to bring the paint work to a high gloss sparkling finish. The paint work is then prepared for a sealant or quality wax to maintain the finish.

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From £480 time 2.5 - 3.5 Days depending on size and amount of correction needed

Please be aware the price quoted will be different for larger vehicles and the condition of the vehicle.


  • Pre-rinse

  • Decrease applied and tyres, rims, & Arches cleaned

  • Rinsed

  • Iron fall out applied 

  • Rinsed

  • Spokes are washed with soft mitt

  • Final rinse

  • Dried with quality drying towel or Blown Dried

  • Tyres dressed

Car Details

  • A pre-rinse of the car body followed by pre-wash snow foam applied and rinsed,

  • A further snow foam will then be applied followed by a two-bucket wash and rinse.

  • Tar removed 

  • Full decontamination using liquid clay, and clay bar

  • Rinse

  • Final stage snow foam applied and a thoroughly rinsed to ensure squeaky clean surface.

  • dried with quality Microfiber towel

  • blown dried to ensure all water removed

  • The vehicle body will then be dried using a quality drying towel and a final blow dry to ensure all water is removed

  • Paint inspection and paint thickness read will be taken to ensure OK to go ahead with minor correction process.

  • Single stage machine compound process.

  • Panel wipe & Paint Inspection

  • Finishing stage polish

  • Paint Prep

  • Wax or single synthetic sealant applied.

  • ​Any external plastic and metal trim will be dressed

  • ​The windows will then be cleaned and polished

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