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Repaired & Repainted

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Motor Show Car Detailing Sheffield

Leather, Viynal, Plastic Repairs/Restorer/Cleaning/Colouring/Protection
Sheffield, Rotherham, Worksop, Mexborough, Chesterfield

Have your leather returned to looking new again.


  • Leather Cleaning & Restoration Vinyl Cleaning & Restoration

  • Leather Vinyl Plastic Cleaning and Protecting

    • Leather is skin and you need to look after it just like your own

    • Ink on leather is very difficult to remove oftern having to recoulour the leather getting it protected will save from futuer acidents of ink or spillages and costly repair bills

  • Leather Vinyl Plastic Repairs to scuffs, holes, creasers, cuts, etc.

    • accidents happen so taken care of it now helps preven it from getting worse

    • don't spend hundred on new or second hand seating have it repaird, you want know the difference.

  • Leather Vinyl Plastic Colour Change  

    • You can change the colour of the leather to suit your own tastes

    • change the way the car looks

    • increase saleability

  • Recoloure or change the colour

    • restoring the original colour makes the car look new again

    • add value to your car

    • increase saleability

Motro Show Car Detailing only use quality leather and Viynal products on your car, and we are trained to Industrial standard by the Leather Repair Company. 



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