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Headlight Restoration 

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Over a period of time your headlights become duller and the light is less efficient, this creates dangers when driving, you are less visible o oncoming traffic or traffic waiting at junction or people walking across the road and you cannot judge the road as well as you could be with clean lights. 

Replacing headlights is an expensive job costing many hundreds of pounds depending on the car, having them restored is the quickest and easiest solution.

Enhance your vision when driving at nights and be seen by others 





  • Headlighty cleaned

  • Paint work protected

  • Headlight sanded

  • Headligh polished

Should you want the headlight to be coated this would be an additional cost

Optional Extra

  • Wheel protection on the vehicle £50 off the vehicle £150

  • Swissvax Shield Wax with PTFE FROM £15

  • Swissvax Mirage Wax 3 months protection From £20

  • Gtechnic Liquid crystal Sealant, from £10

  • Sprayon Waxes from £10

  • Ceramics

    • Kamikaze Miyabi from £180

    • Kamikaze ISM from £165

    • Gtechnic Surum Light £120

    • CQUK FROM £65

  • Kamikaze Miyabi topped with ISM to give an outstanding first glass gloss and protection.  From £360

  • Gtechnic permanent trim restorer from £35

  • Kamikaze overcoat £45

  • Window repellent £50

  • Engine bay touch up From £30

  • Car Care Valet from £19.95 

  • Leather protected From £50

  • Gtechnic Upholstery and Carpet protection  from £50

  • Headlight polish and sealant from £50

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